jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Learning Zimbra Server Essentials

As the title mentions it, it’s about the Zimbra essentials but you will find useful links for more details. You have to pay attention to the assumptions before trying to apply any configuration on your server. althought even with the essentials, you will be able to configure a solid and scalable mail server for personnal, community or business uses.

The book is an easy step by step installation and configuration for any beginner Linux administrator. It covers different parts: installation of Zimbra server (single/multi-servers), securing the server from virus and spam with internal and external solutions, managing basic server administration and SSL certificates, configuring users and monitoring the server. it’s an excellent resource for any new Zimbra administrator.
I will recommand to the author to add more tips and maybe a little chapter about day to day administration work.
Excellent work Abdelmonam Kouka :)

vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Accéder à Google Calendar via Lightning

J'ai essayé dernièrement de faire la configuration de Thunderbird pour accéder à mon calendrier Google. Je travaille sous Ubuntu 13.10 , 64bit avec Thunderbird: 24.2.0 (par défaut).

il fallait installer Lightning 2.6.4
Pour la configuration avec Google Calendar: tous les Tuto parlent d'une adresse XML privé que je ne trouvais pas.
Solution: j'ai trouvé la solution sur cette page [1]:
  • Open the new calendar dialog (File → New → Calendar)
  • Add a new remote calendar (On the Network → CalDAV)

  • As a location enter the following, be sure to replace your email address:

  • Une page d'authentification s'ouvre et bingo :)